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 → Benefits of doing a Summer Internship Programme at INL

INL will provide the selected students the opportunity to be part of a research and development group, and to carry out scientific activities in a highly stimulating and demanding environment, which will include access to state-of-the-art equipment as well as other excellent hands-on training opportunities. These opportunities are provided simultaneously by a fully inclusion of the student in a research group and by the tailored activities offered by the programme. 

This programme ensures that all Summer Students are well prepared for their future challenges, gaining valuable experience and research skills through their internship stay at INL. 



 → Other benefits include:

Living Allowance: for each student coming from outside the local area (>50km from Braga) INL will provide a single living allowance of €600 euros for a stay up to 8 weeks.

Reduced transportation fees: students will have access to reduced prices for bus tickets in the city of Braga.

INL Summer Internship Social Activities: social activities > summer activities calendar including city tours, barbecues and sports.

Fitness Center: access to fitness classes onsite.